SaaS Development


Software as a Service (SaaS Development) is turning into the first choice over traditional software package development, as they are fast and bring limitless opportunity to the stakeholders




SaaS software is complex in terms of development. The SaaS development companies should follow the right approach and strategy to balance the resources with time and opportunity. We provide consulting, technology services and peace of mind, focus on developing the solution while you think of making the business work. We start our work from the idea and help you out to make it a reality.

With SaaS, there is no need for using hefty infrastructures as it is already hosted on the provider’s servers. Store owners only need an internet connected computer with a browser, and they manage their online web store by logging in through a portal.


SaaS software development is an appropriate choice for businesses. The software runs on the server, so your project requirements will not be dependent on numerous configurations of every platform. Maintenance and updates are relatively faster to be implemented and to be compared with other eCommerce software as well.

Future scope of SaaS Development

SaaS is the business model of the future and is becoming increasingly popular around the world. SaaS software is like a complete package that includes software, hosting, backups, and complete support.

The online web store owner doesn’t need to think about using or downloading or installing any software, nor do they have to supply web hosting — SaaS platforms are already hosted on the provider’s servers. Store owners only need an internet connection, computer with a modern browser, and they manage their online store by logging in through a portal simple as that!

Our Core SaaS Development Services


RBM is an established web and SaaS development company, delivering SaaS services of any complexity to clients worldwide.

SaaS CMS Development

We develop high-quality content-rich web applications on  CMS platforms . Implementing the best SaaS practices into your business model with high quality and precision to get a significant return.

SaaS CRM Solutions


We provide best in class  CRM solution  to gain access to your business data anytime, anywhere. You just need to have an internet connection. Once you have an internet connection, your data is accessible across all your devices from desktop to mobile.

SaaS Mobile App Development

We help out to bring your SaaS solution to the  mobile platform . We are experts in all native and hybrid mobile application platforms and help you to grow your business effectively.

SaaS Consulting Services

We provide consulting, technology services to you based on your business desire and expectations which will help you to run your business smoothly and effectively.

SaaS Migration Services

We provide migration services to cloud-based SaaS applications and help you out by providing flexibility to support new business models and to ensure to run the business as per the latest tech trend.

SaaS Analytics and Database Mgt

We provide extensive services in key areas such as data portability, analytics and database management and help out to easily centralize and manage vast amounts of data.

Multi-tenant Architecture

We help out to bring your SaaS solution to the Mobile platform. We are experts in all native and hybrid mobile application platforms and help you to grow your business effectively.

Custom SaaS Software Dev't

We assist you to convert your idea into reality by building a custom SaaS product that are scalable and secure at same time. We improvise the usage of the latest technology tools to create a custom solution that can be scaled for future needs and upgrades.

We deal in top technologies to bring maximum value to your business.


Although many open source tools and technologies are for web development such as LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack, WYSIWYG editors, CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress, Microsoft Visual Studio. But you still require the professional knowledge and expertise of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and should also know some basic programming languages to work with.







Hire on-demand project developers and turn your dream into reality


SaaS (Software as a Service) marketplace solution facilitates the license and subscription model. Under this system, store owners can build desired multi-vendor eCommerce websites by using cloud-based systems.
This actually means that the store owner can access the software any and anywhere using their personal device. One can easily convert their regular e-commerce store into the SaaS multi-vendor by using multiple RBM modules

The multi-tenant eCommerce platform permits the distributors and vendors to build their own branded online stores. There are multiple advantages of multi-tenant eCommerce platforms that are listed below:
– Feasible to Cost
– Easy Maintenance
– No extra cost for updates
– Can be upgraded without any effect on tenants
– New Tenants can onboard conveniently 
– Resources are scalable

The first and foremost thing to be considered is the platform. There are four main sections available that are admin console, store owner dashboard, end customer storefront, and marketing website. One must choose the perfect platform for building the same. Then pick the right storefront technology like React, Angular, Vue. A specific development and design team must be there for processing. Then storefront implementation will be done using the APIs.

The payment gateway is the system that is responsible to transmit the transactional data securely to merchant banks and further will receive the responses from issuing banks.
Basically, it informs the customer bank that how much amount needs to be sent. The regularly used payment methods are Stripe, PayPal and Amazon Pay.
In the SaaS based organizations, there are multiple payment gateways one can use to make payments for customers on a regular basis. Stripe is considered to be the best payment gateway for the same.

SaaS not only provides faster credibility but is also proven as a secure platform. For security purposes, organizations can use multiple types of SaaS solutions. 
– Compliance Solutions 
– Data Loss Prevention
– Malware Prevention
– Cloud Access Security Brokers