Odoo University  Management

University management software with complete solution for Admission, Exams, Activities, Hostel, Library etc.

University Management System;

Odoo University Management System provides a user friendly interface  with freedom of open-source. The system can be used to track the day-to-day activities of the university. 

Odoo University Solution;

University Management system is a multi-purpose University management software with complete solution for Admission, Exams, Activities, Hostel, Library, etc. 

Using University Management System, finding student information is just a few seconds away which might have cost hours, or even days, before. At the end of the semester, printing students' statements becomes just a few minutes job. 

  • Students Management System (SMS)
  • Attendance Management (AMS)
  • Exams Management

The centralized module will allow faster, precise access to students' records that will help administrators, lecturers and students access records easily.  The automated systems also helps the university to be more productive at lower costs.

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Features of Odoo University Management



Creating Master Record of Students

Maintaining basic information of Students including Nationality, Blood Group, Bank Details, etc.

All data maintenance of student related with university like assignment, Library, History, Activity Log, etc.

Unique Id for each Student

Student Admission Management

Enrolling Student to the university

Assigning them classes and batches

Accepting Fees

Migrating student to next class

Timetable Management

Creating timetable for specific period

Creating Lectures for the days

Class-wise, Teacher-wise timetable

Generate Time-table report

Attendance Management

Managing daily attendance of students.

Managing daily attendance of the students.

Once the class and division are selected, the names of the students are auto-populated.

Monthly attendance of the classes can be viewed.

Print of the attendance sheets can be taken.




Can add a variety of books

Issue books to students and teachers

Keep track of the books

Can request for the books

Provide Library cards



Create Fees Structures

Create Fees Heads

Create Payroll register for grouping of fees

Provide fees receipts to students



 Create Exams with Venues, classes, subjects, start date, and end date info.

Create Exam sessions

Exam Resource Allocation 

Manage Exam Attendance

Mark Sheet Registers

Create Exam templates

Generating Mark sheet Registers



Assign the activity to the students.

Maintain the Activity / events.

Maintain the achievement from the events.

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