Steward Hospital & Health-Care  Management System

The Steward Hospital solution helps manage hospitals and clinics easily and can serve as one of the best alternatives to GNU Health.

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Health Care Simplified

Odoo Steward Hospital Management makes it easy to manage operations in Hospitals and Health Care Centers.  This module is fully customizable, user friendly, highly versatile, quickly installable and completely database driven with a centralized database. 

The Steward  Hospital Solution

The Healthcare Management solution has been crafted to meet the unique requirements of healthcare industry. Accuracy and availability of information is key to this domain’s success. Our solution ensures this with the 3 key modules

  • Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
  • Hospital Information System (HIS)
  • Health Information System

The centralized module will allow faster, precise access to patient records that will help doctors to move in quickly in case of emergency situation. The automated systems also helps the hospital/ clinic to be more productive at lower costs.


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Features of RBM Steward Health Care Management System

Hospital management system  helps to manage day to day activities of hospital and clinic which can be helpful for any Hospital and medical facility. The HMS helps to manage Patient details, Doctors details, Patient Appointments, Prescriptions, Patient Hospitalization, Lab Test requests and results, medicament, new born details, among others. It also helps to generate medical reports. 

Manage Patient 


Doctors can create patient  details. There are tabs which will show patient details like medicament, diseases, lab test, etc.

Users can create appointments

Users (Patients or Hospital Admin) can create appointments with the details like physician , consultation service etc.

Generate Patient's Prescription

Generate prescriptions with the doctors' and patients' details, can create also invoice from prescription.

Generate Reports for Patient's Details

User can generate the report for patients' details, appointments, prescriptions, lab-test, etc. 

Lab Test Request & Result

Patient can request for the lab test and can get the result of the lab test


Receptionist can create appointment with the details like physician , consultation service etc.

Nursing Plan

Generate prescriptions with the doctor's and patient's details, can create invoice from prescription.

Discharge Plan 

Receptionist can create appointment with the details like physician , consultation service etc.

Hospital Management Menu

User can see added new main menu for hospital management.

User Access

Users with particular access, can manage and see documents according to their roles. 


Hospital Management Configuration

In Hospital Management > Configuration menu users can see and configure different things for the hospital like lab test unit and type, pathology group, diseases, diseases categories, imaging test and type, medical procedures, Health center, Building, ward, unit, bed, physician, medicament, insurance and etc.

Patients' Management

In Hospital Management > Patients > Patients menu users can create patients and enter all the details of patients, All other tabs will show details about patients like medicament, lab test details, etc.

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