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New QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale offers more 

It’s built for your retail business—online and in-store—with seamless ecommerce integration, contactless payments, multichannel inventory management, and a whole lot more.

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Integrated multichannel retail means a more profitable business

Smart new ways to make every sale

More tablet choices, contactless payments, and a new flip stand to speed checkouts

More payment types, more sales opportunities

Accept all payment types including contactless, gift cards, and mobile

Ecommerce management in one place

Ecommerce integration gives you one place to manage all your business-both online and in-store

Smaller size, bigger impact

New hardware is built for maximum power and minimum space, available in more colors and sleeker designs.

New in QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus 2022

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If you are not satisfied with QuickBooks Desktop for any reason, simply call (888) 729-1996 within 60 days of your dated receipt/purchase confirmation for a full refund of the purchase.