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Being on top of Laravel development services we offer Laravel development that includes, customization, custom development, CRM, eCommerce, Marketplace, and API integrations.




Product Success Story

As a Laravel development service company, RBM developed open-source free projects that are based on Laravel.

National Pentecostal Database & Mobile Application 

Electoral Commission (Voters Printing System, Inventory Mgt) 

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Laravel is built on a component-based system and composer-driven approach. It is suitable for both monolithic and  micro-services  apps (Lumen). Laravel is highly suitable for any kind of business application from eCommerce to CRM software, from CMS to SaaS-based apps. 

Loads of packages are inbuilt in the core of Laravel that makes development lighting fast and easy to scale.


Advantages of Laravel Development Service


Usage of Laravel is enormous. It’s a complete framework that also includes lots of components. Laravel development is easy and fast as well.

Building any business application like B2B project or SaaS-based apps or business applications like CRM are always easy with Laravel development service.

Laravel is ideal for both small and larger businesses. You’ll be able to develop significant custom web applications as per your needs and can take advantage of Laravel Development Services.


Open Source Platform

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework that develops web applications using the MVC structure.

Composer Based MVC

Laravel uses an MVC structure that provides better documentation, improves performance, and offers several inbuilt functionalities

Eloquent ORM

The Eloquent ORM provides the easiest ways to connect with the database. It makes the development process easy and faster by focusing on an object-oriented approach.

Routing Management 

Routing is the technique of creating a request URL for a web application. The best thing is, the URL is both SEO-friendly and human-readable.

Highly  Secure

A web application must be tightly shielded before it goes live. And Laravel reduces vulnerability.

Supports Cache Handlers

Laravel comes with built-in cache management. The cache is a technique of storing data for the future that makes applications run in a faster way.

Dedicated Template Engine 

The blade is the simple and powerful template engine that is included in Laravel. You can also use plain PHP codes in this template.

Load Development Environment

Laravel is a perfect framework for any web application development. It provides a better user experience and enhancement in functionality

PHP Community Supported

Laravel has a powerful community that brings all the people together to advocate and support each other in case of any issue or thread.

Here are the Services Provided for Laravel Development


RBM has very solid experience as a Laravel development company. We have worked on complex solution platforms based on Laravel. Laravel development services are  open-source  which is another reason to choose from other PHP frameworks.


Complex Business Application Development

We have been continuously developing a small and complex business application for various brands around the globe. 

Our technical expert team provides a transparent development process with superior quality apps.

We have over a decade of experience in the eCommerce world and software development along with POS, Multitenant SaaS, PWA etc. Whether it is a small application or a complex one, our expert team will always provide the best solution to our clients within an appropriate time. 


eCommerce and Marketplace Development 

Laravel is well-known for its endless features. It is highly scalable and secure makes development easier, faster and increases performance.

Our Laravel based open-source eCommerce platform is Bagisto. It provides a wide range of functionality, full control over the store and even you can create a marketplace as well. The platform allows easy customization and is easy to use for non-tech savvies.

With the help of our multi-vendor module, you can also create a marketplace. An online platform where several vendors can assemble together to sell their products in a single eCommerce store.

Headless and Microservices

One of the best features of Laravel is that it supports Microservices which is very beneficial to creating an application. The application is developed in various parts which make implementation easier.

These small parts are connected with each other via API and create a fully functioning application.

Headless CMS  along with Laravel JSON API helps you to quickly build apps with a nice architecture that can easily run across different platforms and operating systems.

Laravel Mobile App Development Services

Laravel is also popular for mobile app development services as it offers predefined libraries that make app development easier.

The Laravel is the most recognized PHP framework within GitHub. And also, the most preferred choice for companies and developers to create an app.

This PHP is one of the most popular frameworks amongst developers to develop a mobile app as it offers improvement in functionalities and many built-in features as well as security.

Laravel Services and API Integration

Laravel is an appropriate choice to create an API. We can use API in several areas like building a PWA to integrate online shopping applications or integrating with Customer Resource Management, etc.

API can be used in several areas like customer authentication, performing CRUD operations, etc. Also, with the help of web API, you can integrate your application to serve the default content.

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Although many open source tools and technologies are for web development such as LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack, WYSIWYG editors, CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress, Microsoft Visual Studio. But you still require the professional knowledge and expertise of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and should also know some basic programming languages to work with.







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