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In odoo15, the user gets an option called automatic PO frequency where one can set a period at which the purchase orders will be automatically confirmed, it can be done manually, where the orders will be confirmed manually by the employees or can be set to different frequencies like weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

With Odoo 15 new feature named Rule-Based Assignment in the settings of the CRM module, one can periodically assign leads based on rules and all sales teams will use this setting by default unless specified.

Is there any way to assign the same salespersons into multiple Sales Teams in Odoo 15?

Yes, with Odoo 15 a new option is introduced in the settings of the CRM which is named Multi Teams which allows assigning salespeople to multiple sales teams.

Yes, from the opportunity or lead list, click on the salesperson then a chat box will appear to communicate with them.

How can the opportunities be marked as won or lost in Odoo 15 CRM?

For an opportunity, at any pipeline stage, there will be options ‘Mark Won’ and ‘ Mark Lost’. Once the requirements are designed properly you can click on the mark as won. So it will be moved to the WON stage and then proceed by creating quotations.
On the contrary, the client withdraws or for any reason, the opportunity is not satisfactory, it can be marked as lost. Moreover,  you have to mention the lost reason. Thus the opportunity will be removed from the opportunity list. Additionally, the lost one can also be restored if required.

How the revenue on future sales can be analyzed in Odoo 14 CRM?

With the expected revenue, the future sales of the company can be analyzed in Odoo. Moreover, the expected revenue is the expected remuneration of products and services plus extra profits that the company would receive. By choosing the Pipelines under the reporting tab of the CRM module you will be depicted with the details of expected revenue created by the opportunities

How can we suggest next activities in Odoo 14 when the current activity is closed?

In the activity there is an option ‘Recommended Next Activities’ by which you can assign a recommended next activity after a successful completion of one activity. Moreover, you can add multiple activities there therefore, upon closing an activity all the activities in the recommended list will be depicted to you and the required one can be chosen.

How is the new activity triggered in Odoo 14 after the current activity closed in Odoo?

Go to CRM Configuration menu > Activity types and choose to create a new activity. There you will have a ‘Trigger next activity’ option to be enabled. On enabling you can assign which is the ‘Default Next Activity’. Therefore, whenever the scheduled activity is closed it will automatically trigger for the next defined activity